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There are Billions of websites on the World Wide Web today. Our research has shown that most websites are submitted to the major search engines when they are first designed and perhaps on an annual basis thereafter.

The majority of referrers to those websites are primarily referrals from other websites; for example, the local Chamber of Commerce, if a member, or other sites that have suggested link exchanges; some relative, others not. The percentages are consistent with approximately 3% to 7% of their Internet traffic coming from search engines and 93% to 97% from other websites (again, some relative to their business, others not).

Many of our clients have enjoyed the benefits of our submission programs, positioning their web sites with all major and secondary search engines in the USA, Canada, Europe and beyond. We have taken them from the 3% - 7% range to the 24% - 44% range of search engine referrals.

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